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Capitalizing On Capitalism


The ideology of capitalism makes us all into connoisseurs of liberty — of the indefinite expansion of possibility.


Many scream that capitalism is inherently prone to greed and therefore it is inherently evil. I can honestly say I agree, though only somewhat. It is inherently vulnerable to dishonesty and greed that is true. They tend to plague it like a sickness and honesty and virtue are the only medicine. Our founders understood even then that our system is only as virtuous as its people are. I believe a little bit of god fearing never hurt anybody either, but maybe that’s for another time and debate.

Fortunately capitalism isn’t easily underestimated, it has lead more people out of poverty and into prosperity than ever before. It is driven by competition and that is not a bad thing. We are born with it as well as every living thing on this planet. It excels us and pushes us to become stronger smarter people. It is a force that drives all of nature and once we can learn to accept that it’s just as natural for their to be a few dishonest greedy people and deal with them accordingly without blaming it on the system as a whole, than capitalism is and will remain a fine model for a long time. But only if we remain honest and virtuous.

Remember there is no greater alternative yet devised to take its place. Many frighteningly believe socialism is the answer and treat capitalism like a bad word. To that I say look to any where that experiment has been tried and dare to compare. Communism a.k.a. socialism a.k.a. liberalism is the biggest threat to capitalism and many of its practitioners believe the only way for it to reach its full potential is to have full global communism. Complete control over the wealth, resources, and people, with the power and authority to manipulate them for the greater good of all. Sounds all peaches until you look at history. Communism or socialism (whatever you choose to call it by) cares not for the individual or the collective. It cares only for its ruling party and its grasp on power. Lets suppose for a minute it could be done, who would be the one(s) to lead this collective? There is nobody I trust with that type of power and responsibility.

If one rejects laissez faire on account of mans fallibility and moral weakness, one must for the same reason also reject every kind of government action.
Ludwig von Mises p. 44 Capitalism vs. Socialism

Yet as I write this there are forces at work to bring this very idea to fruition. These people are using psychology and human nature against us and we cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to the human emotions of jealousy, greed, or even guilt. We are a great nation of great people who came from some of the strongest most intelligent hard working sons of $%*#@’s. They didn’t get here crying about what others had. Hell no, they worked hard for it. The only way is to provide for ourselves through the same values of hard work and independence. Getting people to become dependent on government is the first step of those who wish to subjugate us. We must lose the emotional human responses to everyday life occurrences, (like wanting a big brother to share the wealth because some have way to much and it’s not fair) much like children fighting over candy. We can’t afford to lose our way over the vain, materialistic, and entitled mentality we’ve all been guilty of at one time or another. We have to focus on the ideas that got us were we are today individualism, freedom, liberty, truth, justice… You know, the American way?

Say what you will about Reagan but he nailed it with these enjoy!

Does America Need More Party Animals?

I’ve heard both arguments for some time now. Many believe our two party political system is fine the way it is, while a steadily growing number of others believe there should be a third party if not many more. Could another party better represent Americas changing political landscape?

One argument is that there is enough fighting going on between the two parties we have. The recent sham of a government shutdown could be seen as an example of this. The counter argument could easily be made by more and more people feeling disillusioned and unhappy with both of our parties. The easy answer to this group of people is better representation through a different party. Regardless of whether or not its right for America, clearly people are not happy with either party as of late.

I’ve always found it interesting how the government and media call every other party in America a third party. Could it be a veiled attempt to marginalize anyone who may disagree with the status quo. Perhaps that’s why the Tea Party has relished in its ability to remain decentralized. This single fact however limits it ability to become anything other than a mechanism to try and steer the Republican Party back to its conservative roots.

Both political party’s have had quite an interesting history of there own. Swapping ideologies and members
when its beneficial. Unfortunately for the people it seems both the elephant and the donkey have become so out of synch with Main Street America a third party becomes ever more appealing.

I personally know of several people who identify themselves with a third party and are registered republicans or democrats simply because they feel their vote wouldn’t count otherwise. I believe Ron Paul is a good example of this. If you can’t beat em join em seemed to be the norm for years.

In every election the independents are a force to be reckoned with. Imagine if all those voters stopped waiting to see which party has the best guy and either joined or created a viable third party. Now include all the other disillusioned voters and we would have the ability to overtake the other parties and perhaps even stop the gridlock, infighting, cronyism, and perhaps even get our government of elected representatives back to working on issues that matter most to Americans. I don’t know the future or the implications of a viable third party entering the politisphere, but I do know now seems as good a time as any.

These graphs from this Gallup <a href="http://http://www.gallup.com/poll/165392/perceived-need-third-party-reaches-new-high.aspx“>article are telling. It’s obvious people are becoming disenfranchised with our current two party system and support for something different is growing.



This Washington Times <a href="http://http://c.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/judson-phillips-cold-hard-truth/2013/oct/17/broken-system-american-politics“>article is worth the read. It touches on the fact that democrats have become even more left then ever and don’t even try to hide the fact they are mostly socialists with an agenda. The largest democrat caucus being the democrat socialists is proof of that. The article also points out how the Grand Ol Party have become spineless, moderate, centrists who prefer sitting on there hands and the fence as opposed to honest conservative policy.