Is Obamascare Good For America?

All this nonsense about healthcare is nothing new. Obamacare and other socialist policies have been defeated time and time before. Yet they somehow always find a way to reemerge a short while later, like a turd that won’t flush. They are deliberate attacks on the individual, liberty, and the free market system.

The individual has the right to not only choose who his healthcare provider is but should also have the liberty to not be forced into buying something they do not agree with. The free market system has provided a healthcare system that is still the envy of the world. I don’t know about you but I would still rather receive treatment here than anywhere else.

I believe this is just another attack on our liberties, intended to slowly manipulate us, our freedoms, and everyone’s confidence in our exceptional American way. It’s almost as if there is an intentional antagonizing of us Americans. I think the radicals in power would love nothing more than to see us riot against ourselves than at them. That would distract from their doings and give them even more excuses to govern by the philosophy “were doing what you would want, if you knew better” mentality. Let’s not forget this is going to be enforced by the same biased freedom hating obamabots at the IRS. The judicial watch is now suing over being stonewalled check that out here.

All this amid recent reports that Americans are warming up to obamacare. Have any of them even tried to enroll? Ugh!! I know polls are polls but data is data so here it is.



Leave it to Ronald Reagan. The guy had a special way of telling a joke or story and this one is no different. This is worth the listen, well said and still amazingly relevant. Enjoy!

I know most have probably seen it by now but Jon Stewart even rips obamacare here!

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